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10:00 AM - Bible Study
11:00 AM - Morning Worship Service
6:00 PM - Evening Worship Service

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7:00 PM - Midweek Worship Service
7:00 PM - Youth & Children Ministries

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Rose Park Baptist Church | Holland MI

Rose Park Baptist Church

The Lord

We believe that the Godhead eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and that these three are one God, having precisely the same nature, attributes, and perfections, (with separate and distinct functions) and worthy of precisely the same homage, confidence, and obedience. God's Word is clear on the need for man's salvation, this is why we place such an emphasis on reaching out to the unsaved.

Rose Park Baptist Church

Following Jesus

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, the eternal Word manifested in the flesh. We believe that he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary, not having a human father, and that He is truly and totally God and truly and totally man. We believe in His vicarious, substitutionary, and redeeming death, Christ receiving in Himself the penalty of man's sin. He Died. He Rose. He Lives!

Rose Park Baptist Church


Every day we are faced with challenges. God's desire is that we would have victory over each of these challenges. We are committed to helping those who have accepted God's gift of salvation to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the church is an extension of the family. As we learn, worship, and serve together, we build stronger relationships that stand the test of time.

Rose Park Baptist Church

The Word

We believe in the plenary, verbal, Divine inspiration of Scripture, consisting only of the thirty-nine Old Testament and twenty-seven New Testament books, in the original language, their consequent inerrancy and infallibility, and as the Word of God, the supreme and final authority in faith and life. We believe that the Word of God has been divinely preserved in the King James Version for English-speaking people.


Rose Park Baptist Church


Our church offers clean, friendly nurseries every service as well as fun, Bible-centered classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  All of our staff and volunteer workers are screened to ensure the safety of your children during your time with us.

Rose Park Baptist Church


We have a desire to help young people know God and grow in His Word. Our teen ministry’s goal is to train and equip teens for life. In an ever-changing world, teenagers need the truth of God’s Word to give them guidance. We desire to create a safe, fun environment where teens can hear from God and create lasting friendships.

Rose Park Baptist Church


We desire to provide practical, biblically based content in all of our adult ministries. Our goals are to help adults in all life stages grow in their walk with Christ,  build strong families, and connect adults with others in their life stages.

Do You know?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you were to die today; do you know for certain that you're on your way to Heaven?

You Can know...

God's Word tells us that we can know.

What It's All About...

It's not about becoming a baptist, or joining our church; it's about accepting Christ Jesus into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior.

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